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I support Issue 21! Our kids get an excellent education at Chardon. I am excited to see how that will expand with an updated building! We need to catch up to the advancements in technology, update the science labs, and ensure every room has more than one way in and out, even if that second way out is a window! — Kiersten Alexander

There are so many great opportunities at Chardon Schools! Support our kids, our community and our future! — Kiersten and Donald Alexander

If this kinda of campaign occurred back in the early 2000’s for a new school, I would of voted yes. This campaign shows what’s wrong and why. We can’t wait for Columbus to help. I was there in July showing how unbearable it was to the community. The school was hot, stifling, and took your breath away. Our children deserve better. As an active parent, I have seen what the condition the schools are in and it makes me sad for our staff and students. They don’t deserve this and excel despite of this. Vote Yes for our kids, it takes a village! — Kelli Brickman

Strong schools = strong community!! We need adequate facilities to provide a quality education!!! — Shari Carr

We love living in this wonderful community and would love to pass that on to future generations in Chardon! Passing Issue 21 will make that possible! — Gladys deLeon Frania

It’s simple math: Strong schools = strong community! — Elizabeth Doolittle

Let's keep our community strong and growing by providing our students with a 21st-century learning environment and ensuring that district resources can be focused on enhancing the educational experience at Chardon - not wasted on band-aid fixes to a failing building. — Michelle Fisher

I am a lifelong resident of Chardon. I attended school and graduated here. I also had the honor of being a teacher here for 22 years. I think there is no better place to grow up, go to school, and learn the values that make you a friend, neighbor, parent, and good citizen. Four generations of my family have graduated from Chardon Schools. I know that there is nothing more important than a quality education in a loving, safe, and supportive environment. Please support our schools and community by voting yes. Our children deserve the best. — Carla Gray

I am supporting Issue 21 not only because I have four children in the school district, but also because I am more than happy to have my money go towards building a beautiful new structure in our community that everyone will benefit from. Our facilities used to be average when we would travel around to other schools playing youth sports. They are no longer average. They are well below average. I can honestly say that there is not another school that we have gone to that is in worse condition than ours. I am proud to be from Chardon and proud to raise my children here. If we don't do it now, when are we going to do it? How much longer should we wait? Let's all come together and do it NOW!!!! — Gail Hewitt

I fully support Issue 21. We need new facilities to replace the worn, used buildings we have, some of which built over 65 years ago. Chardon High School has been modified, added to, and maintained as best as possible. It's simply time to accept responsibility for Chardon students today and for those yet to come. Others did that for us when they began the process of building all the schools we have now. They knew the value of good schools, and how they impact us. This is our hometown, our community. OUR students, OUR schools deserve better and this is the opportunity to provide just that. Home values improve with better schools. Community organizations have better facilities to use for their activities.There are LOTS of reasons to support Issue 21. Please vote yes! — Dave Jevnikar

The buildings are beyond repair and have outlived the life expectancy. I only ask , lets do it right this time with a properly designed buildings. The financials should be readily accessible for review as well as the design. This will then be succesful. — Jim Keegan

Is it possible to look beyond money and personalities? Are we able to give a little more? Recognizing that the more we give the more we get. Is it possible to believe in something bigger than ourselves and know that we can be something better if we pull together? Money is not the problem or the answer to our issues. We have the money, according to many demographic studies in Ohio. I ask that you embrace the idea that a new facility will benefit us all, so we can LEAVE IT BETTER THAN WE FOUND IT. "Empty pockets never stopped anyone from fulfilling their dreams, only empty hearts and empty minds can do that." Norman Vincent Peale Don't place a limit on the dreams of the students, teachers, and this GREAT community we call Chardon! PLACE A YES VOTE FOR ISSUE 21 and leave your mark on the future! — James Laudato

New facilities is an investment in our children and our community. I fully support issue 21 and hope you will too. — Kelly Lawrence

Appreciate all the work that's been done by the school board, staff and volunteers! — Heather Means

I am a graduate (‘85) of Chardon Schools and am a teacher at Munson Elementary. I have put in enough time in the district to watch the quality of our buildings deteriorate from barely ok when I was in school to just plain sad now. Our students deserve buildings, classrooms and infrastructure that provide a safe and appropriate learning environment. Have seen Munson’s boiler room? Scary, very scary. Just like our students dripping sweat as they try to concentrate on an important test. Please take the time to VOTE FOR Issue 21- Go Hilltoppers! — Betty Murzynsky

I support Issue 21 because I believe that we live in a great community and our schools should be a reflection of that greatness. Our students deserve the best facilities that we can provide. — Scott Neill

— Michelle Nelson

Please rally with our community to make the schools a priority! Our kids depend on this! It’s important!! — Joyce Perrico

Let’s build this new school! Let’s make it an amazing facility for our kids. Let’s raise the value of our community by investing in our school system! Let’s invest in the future of our children and give them every opportunity to succeed. Hitting someone’s pocketbook is always a tough pill to swallow, but we must see past this challenge! The old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” is so relevant here. I am not voting yes just because my children will be going to this school, or it will raise my property value, I will be voting yes because I want every child in this community to have a safe, happy, and amazing place to learn. I want every child in this community to be inspired when they get on that bus to go to school! I want every child growing up in this community to know we love them, and even if we have to sacrifice a bit...THEY ARE WORTH IT!! — Greg Potts

We were born and raised in Chardon and are proud graduates of Chardon High School.  After college, we couldn't wait to move back to Chardon to raise a family of our own, in the town that we love.  Now that we have school-aged children and we are shocked at the quality of our school buildings.  We have seen firsthand just how amazing our children's teachers are but sadly the current school facilities do not match the level of education that is being provided.  This is a proud community and our schools do not represent this pride.  We need to do better for future generations, which is why we passionately support Issue 21. This new 6-12 building that has separate middle and high school wings, isn't a luxury or an overindulgence, it is an absolute necessity.  The children of this community deserve spaces that are more functional and technologically appropriate for today's education.  An investment in schools is an investment in our community and it is time to make this investment for our future.  We will be voting YES for Issue 21 and urge our neighbors to join us! — Chris and Melanie Scanlon

Allen and I support Issue 21 as parents and community members who no longer have children in the district. As we invest in the future of our community we all benefit from citizens who continue to contribute to Chardon. Someone invested and made a sacrifice years ago for our children and now it is time for us to step up and make an investment in someone else's kids. — Allen and Debbie Seenarine Wilson

My husband and I went last week with our two college aged kids home on Fall Break to vote YES for issue 21. Does anyone ask the kids what THEY think about the condition of their schools? I did...they are not proud of where they learn!! They know they have good teachers and wonderful administrators and a caring and supportive community - but the place that they have to spend so much of their time day in and day out is not optimized for their learning. They feel they deserve better - they see the facilities that others have and question - WHY??? They aren’t spoiled...they aren’t entitled..they work their butts off to succeed with what they have - BUT - they know they deserve better and it’s our responsibility to make it a reality for them!! Anyone who does not support issue 21 - I urge (I dare!!) them to talk to our kids. They will learn a lot 😊 — Kelly Sivula

We support the passage of Issue 21! Both our boys, Tyler & Daniel, received excellent educations and have great professions in the field of chemistry, which we need to give credit for to the Chardon Teachers and Schools. Neither Kerry or I had interests in chemistry but they both fell in love with it due to their teachers and now are doing awesome in their careers following their university degrees. We need to keep our Chardon schools strong and have the facilities to allow our children to obtain a great education like our boys received in this competitive world. Please vote for Issue 21! — Mike Williams

Yes to Issue 21! — Brittney Wilson
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