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I endorse this school levy! As a tax payer, I feel it is my duty to help the children of our community maintain an excellent education. By voting yes, I am committing to their education and providing them with opportunities and experiences to prepare them to be productive adults in this world. Money is tight for everyone, but if we don't invest in our children what kind of world will we have? — Wendy Bartolovich

— George Bates

Supporting our Chardon School system is imperative to preserving our community. Investing in education needs to be a priority. — Beth Doolittle

Please support the levy that will help keep Chardon schools strong. — Barbara Francis

I am a first grade teacher at Maple Elementary and I endorse the Chardon Local Schools levy. — Michaelene Gillette

My husband and I moved to Chardon 24 years ago to raise our family. Our three daughters attended the Chardon Schools where they all earned an excellent education that prepared them for college and life in the community. Now I am a teacher in the district, and I will vote yes to continue the commitment of excellence in education. This will give future students opportunities and experiences to prepare them to be productive citizens. R. Lannon Parent, Community Member, and Teacher. — Robyn Lannon

The Excellence of Chardon Schools is what has kept this community strong for the last century, through both good times and adversity. Our children are 3rd generation attending the same school buildings as their grandparents. To keep our town at the high standard we expect and have become known for, everyone needs to support OUR Chardon schools, whether you have children attending right now or not, or your children go to private school. Good public schools maintain good community, high property value, and benefit *everyone* residing in our ZIP code. — GaryandLaura Leggett

As a kindergarten teacher in Chardon for the past four years, I've seen first hand the great resources provided by our school district. This year, every kindergartener got a "Discovery Bag" full of brand new books to take home and read with their families that rotate through the class. It has been a wonderful resource for the kids to instill a love of reading that will last a life time! I am so grateful to work in a district that supports the kind of wonderful learning environment I try to create for my students. I am hopeful the levy will pass so I can continue to have the support needed to create that environment. — Jenny Maheu

I ask all voters in Chardon and the surrounding townships in the school district to support this levy. Our future depends on it! — Nancy McArthur

By supporting the Chardon School levy, you are supporting our wonderful Chardon community. This is where we chose to raise our daughter and we wouldn’t change that decision. Sadly, without strong schools, fewer people will make the commitment to live in Chardon. — Jennifer McClintock

As a teacher for Chardon Schools, I fell in love with this community and I believe in its school system. We moved our family here four years ago because we wanted our children to have the amazing experiences this school system provides. We are looking forward to our first child beginning his journey with Chardon Schools this coming school year. Please vote YES to support our schools. — Becky Mele

My family moved to Chardon 7 years ago. We had numerous communities under consideration, but we handpicked Chardon not only because of the close-knit community feel itself but equally because of the excellent school system. Our daughter entered Kindergarten the first Fall in our new home. Our experiences in the school system (both on a small-scale level with individual staff members and also more globally as a whole in terms of opportunities and administration) have been hands-down phenomenal. It has been a very positive transition for our family from the start. Hands down, I am and always will be a supporter of Chardon Schools. It is a general sense of not only committed responsibility/duty to the town that we live in but also because voting for the levy is a vote for an investment in our children -- our future. And on a personal level, it is also a vote for the very system that is currently educating our daughter and affording her the opportunities she and her classmates deserve. Likewise, I also recognize the current serious situation with significant cuts to state funding and how this can impact the future of our district. I would be incredibly saddened to see a change in programming or any other cuts because we couldn't come together as a community and support the very district that educates our children. I am currently 44 years old, but even years or decades from now when I no longer have a child in the district, it will always be a no-blink decision for me to support a school levy time and time again. I support Chardon Schools all the way! — Kelly Misch

I am a proud parent of three Chardon graduates, a former Hambden staff member and I currently teach at Maple School. My heart is heavy seeing these beloved buildings close and our enrollment decline. Nevertheless, our students will be counting on us to keep our district strong and programs intact. We must choose to focus our energy on preserving a quality, well rounded education for our children starting with the passage of this levy. — Sharon Monarchino

When I walk around our school building each day and see the bright and shining faces of our students I know that the future holds endless possibilities for their success stories to be written. Alongside these energetic young learners are the teachers, secretaries, tutors, custodians, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers who believe in them and their potential to make a difference in this world. The power that resides within our school district to make a difference and open the doors to an empowering path of exploration, development, and growth grows in capacity and sustainability with the support of our community. With your “YES!” votes we gain the momentum and ability to foster an even stronger and more impactful Hilltopper Nation and make you all the more proud. — Kelly Moran

Make an investment in our kids and you make investment in our community. — Betty Murzynsky

Maple Elementary PTO supports Chardon Schools! — Maple Elementary PTO

A YES vote on our levy is a YES to continue providing enriching programming and classes for our students. Your vote will support the continuance of art, music, and PE classes which are vital in a child's development. — Samantha Puterbaugh

It has been my pleasure to serve within Chardon Schools for three years. The dedication and commitment to educational excellence from both parents and teachers is remarkable. When you see thriving communities, you see thriving schools. Let’s keep Chardon schools trong by supporting this levy! — Amy Ridgeway

I can think of no better investment in our futures, than to provide our children, all of them, with a quality education. I have seen our teachers in Chardon Schools work tirelessly both in the classroom and outside it-including after school, weekends, and summers. We need to support the mental, physical and emotional needs of our children. A well-educated populace will support our democracy. Please vote YES! — Diane Robbinson

My husband and I moved here for our children to attend the school. We are so excited to live here and for our children to be raised in this supportive community. They will learn here and grow here and one day contribute to Chardon, their hometown. — Amanda Rosplock

I will be voting yes this upcoming May for the school levy!

— Melanie Scanlon

As President of the Chardon Education Association, it with great pride to announce we voted unanimously to endorse the May 2018 levy. With your YES vote, we can maintain and improve the quality and quantity of courses and programs that shape our students into productive citizens of the 21st century. We cannot do it alone. We need the support of the Chardon voters. The state's funding formula is not a friend to Chardon, so we must financially support ourselves. We are already seeing the negative effects of losing the Nov 2017 levy and cannot afford to lose any more. Thank you, in advance, for seeing a community value and asset in our public schools. — Tammy Segulin

John Shiffler fully endorses the Chardon School Levy. We need to help keep our schools strong for our kids. By endorsing this levy it helps our businesses in our community to thrive by cultivating future business leaders. — John Shiffler

I support Chardon schools! — Jennifer Sintic

Great schools equal higher real estate values. Vote yes! — Marianne Stoltz
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